Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sai I love you!

I'm enjoying some pear juice right now. Let me WRITE ALL LOUD how much I ENJOY THAT PEAR JUICE.
My preciousssss deliciousss pear juiccccce.

And while writing that I realized I forgot to prepare one of the pics I wanted to upload...OH WELL!

Let's go!! *Pikachu's Vacation theme* LET'S GO!

Finished the commission!! :) Painting the foreground was a lot of fun!

Schieffer and Cros portraits were made after some idea I had, for a bigger piece, and Demyx for a hair tutorial (because deviantArt people keep asking me that! TAT) Only Cros is finished there, I will probably retouch Schieffer, and Dem's hair aren't finished HOHOHOOO. And I lost motivation for the tutorial...OTL
A big thanks to my friend Falk who helped me to paint Schieffer, as I was stuck with the lighting and some parts of the face.

AND YES. Well it's not super new, I started to use Sai again since I opened that blog, but I'm slowly enjoying it more and more, especially for lineart stuff. That program is a lineart miracle. So I'm practicing them linearts because I really love them. So yeah, a bunch of nobodies, I'm back into my KH mood, it's just so good everytime it happens.

Bla bla bla. The pic of Cros is part of a bigger one I'm working on, where he's with his (redesigned) chess pieces). Unfinished though....

A big excuse to practice folds.

Randomness of this morning. The sunlight was so bright I didn't see the big lack of contrast in this piece. I shall remedy that if I finish the picture.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

So tired...

I've been going through a total lack of energy for the past two weeks. I even manage to sleep 14 hours per day some days...So I haven't been very productive. Most stuff was sribbles on paper. I will definitely upload some in a not so distant future. When I get the energy to bend to my scanner and put the sheets in it. lol

I started this pic before doing this one, I wanted to color it in Hyung Tae Kim's style, but I lost motivation and went for something more simple. And redesigned a few things meanwhile.

A younger Jonh and his Fearow...Who passed away...D: Which affected Jonh terribly. There's a story behind the lost leg (NO I WASN'T INSPIRED BY THAT MOVIE YOU ARE THINKING OF) but I haven't got the energy to write it. Damn, I sound like a snail. A VERY lazy snail.

Jellyfishes...The creatures that amaze me the most... And which never fails to inspire me...But I want to start a new pic inspired from another kind of jellyfish, so I gave up on this one.

Very quick practice from today. Some things are wrong but I was just focusing on the skintones.

Greyscales for a landscape commission. Not done with them though. I'm giving it details little by little, going to the right. First landscape commission, it's rather fun I must say. Painting landscapes is so relaxing!

And now I'm going to crawl from the chair to the bed.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ten, Eleven, Twelve!

How long will I keep going on with these lame
Once again I started to feel like I have to improve radically. My level isn't going better, my style is starting to get me bored...
Practice shall now return to my life.

But for now:

Still that work in progress. I'm working on it when I have time...Which means not so often these past days. I'll change Ulrich's face and Ornella's stocking isn't going to be blue, 'cause I have better tastes than that u see?

Started this one a little while ago, when I was painting vampire portraits. I'll surely finish it someday, but for now I have other things I want to focus on. And I want to be better at lighting/shading, to make this piece look very good eventually.

This one's starting to get a bit old now. I did it at school for some event. I like the colors, but the subject being boring, it will most likely never be finished.

Greyscales for this painting.

Rocks practice, before doing the pic above.

Unfinished forest pic...I still like the foreground, it was fun to make it.

Horrible anatomy is horrible. I ashame myself with this.

Quick self-portrait. Didn't catch the likeness, but I did it from real life, and keeping the pose kinda killed my neck, so I couldn't help moving. WHICH DIDN'T HELP.

Worked on this on and off, until I gave up. It's a redo of this compilation, that I posted on devianArt last year. Basically I wanted to re-use the same characters, except for the blond short hair guy, that I replaced with Ulrich. I have hard time making faces look good with linearts. Hard time with lineart in general actually.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sieben, Acht, Neun

Just watched Paprika, what an awesome movie!! So damn inspiring, colorful and thoughtful!

Just started this picture, if I finish it, it will be a poster thing of Recover's main characters. Starting with Schieffer, of

For fun, I did statistics profiles for my nobodies. Might re-use it for some other characters.

I would like to say that this was motivated by practicing in different styles. But no, it's simply because I'm obsessed by Cros and making him look perfect. It is my most important mission as an artist; give everything I learn to make him look perfect. That shall happen. No doubt.
I just love drawing him.

A painting I did for practice, from looking at a beautiful reference.

WIP of the sketch you can see in the previous entry. I work on it from times to times, since I still haven't found enough time or motivation to finish it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Quatre, Cinq, Six!

Some new stuff! I would gladly paint more if I didn't have schoolwork...
Anyway, here we go:

One of my OCs, got bored with this pic. I don' think I'll finish it; the colors look wrong and I want to re-design his armor. And I'm not satisfied with his face. AND.. *shot*.

This one is a month old. I thought I would finish it but meh, other stuff to do.

Recently I started drawing pregnant ladies again. It's very interesting, the breasts + belly curves are so nice to draw/paint. But I guess this pic means I should put a mature content on my blog...
She kinda reminds me of someone, I thought of Evangeline Lilly, but I'm not sure.

The two portraits were done in paintchat a little while ago (still have issues with making Cros look old enough...T_T). And the glowing stag. Not glowing. Out of batteries again. Done in OpenCanvas 1.1.

My nobodies, in their Prideland forms. Yeah I switched Cros from Caracal to lion. Idk.

This is the sketch I did for a pic I'm currently working on. Might take me a little more time than usual to complete...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Un, dos, tres, FUEGO!

I'll start with these.
This time there will be no finished paintings, since i haven't finished much lately...

I did like the colors in this one, but i got bored for some reason...

One of the steps for a birthday pic for a friend. It was boring like that so i added a character.

And before the previous one there was this black lady in the metal thing. But i though it was too much so i removed her.

Scolopendras are such fascinating creatures, but one of the three that creep the shit out of me, with those stinky bugs and apes (yes, me no likey apes).

A pic i started on a Livestream session, i thought i'd finish it and gave up...

Trying to design a character that i will (hopefully) model in 3D.

Final design for the previous character, and another one.

Nubudeez....Out of characters, like often...
Well actually i like to have Brag calling Cros Nick haha!