Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sieben, Acht, Neun

Just watched Paprika, what an awesome movie!! So damn inspiring, colorful and thoughtful!

Just started this picture, if I finish it, it will be a poster thing of Recover's main characters. Starting with Schieffer, of

For fun, I did statistics profiles for my nobodies. Might re-use it for some other characters.

I would like to say that this was motivated by practicing in different styles. But no, it's simply because I'm obsessed by Cros and making him look perfect. It is my most important mission as an artist; give everything I learn to make him look perfect. That shall happen. No doubt.
I just love drawing him.

A painting I did for practice, from looking at a beautiful reference.

WIP of the sketch you can see in the previous entry. I work on it from times to times, since I still haven't found enough time or motivation to finish it.

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  1. Nice substantial entry, Zebra ;D I just realized I still need to link your blog.