Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ten, Eleven, Twelve!

How long will I keep going on with these lame
Once again I started to feel like I have to improve radically. My level isn't going better, my style is starting to get me bored...
Practice shall now return to my life.

But for now:

Still that work in progress. I'm working on it when I have time...Which means not so often these past days. I'll change Ulrich's face and Ornella's stocking isn't going to be blue, 'cause I have better tastes than that u see?

Started this one a little while ago, when I was painting vampire portraits. I'll surely finish it someday, but for now I have other things I want to focus on. And I want to be better at lighting/shading, to make this piece look very good eventually.

This one's starting to get a bit old now. I did it at school for some event. I like the colors, but the subject being boring, it will most likely never be finished.

Greyscales for this painting.

Rocks practice, before doing the pic above.

Unfinished forest pic...I still like the foreground, it was fun to make it.

Horrible anatomy is horrible. I ashame myself with this.

Quick self-portrait. Didn't catch the likeness, but I did it from real life, and keeping the pose kinda killed my neck, so I couldn't help moving. WHICH DIDN'T HELP.

Worked on this on and off, until I gave up. It's a redo of this compilation, that I posted on devianArt last year. Basically I wanted to re-use the same characters, except for the blond short hair guy, that I replaced with Ulrich. I have hard time making faces look good with linearts. Hard time with lineart in general actually.


  1. I like your smooth colors man, and your anatomy kicks my ass. ^^

  2. I think you're too hard with yourself. It's good to want to improve (in fact, going a step further each time ia nearly mandatory) but you should also appreciate the strong points you have.
    I'm loving the first wip pic, very dynamic, and your linearts are gorgeous, I love how you print each one's personality :D

  3. Chim: No YOU kick my ass! :)

    Pam: Oh I appreciate some parts of my work, but I gotta make better and better and betteeeeeerrRRRrr....
    Thanks dear! <3

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