Sunday, June 6, 2010

So tired...

I've been going through a total lack of energy for the past two weeks. I even manage to sleep 14 hours per day some days...So I haven't been very productive. Most stuff was sribbles on paper. I will definitely upload some in a not so distant future. When I get the energy to bend to my scanner and put the sheets in it. lol

I started this pic before doing this one, I wanted to color it in Hyung Tae Kim's style, but I lost motivation and went for something more simple. And redesigned a few things meanwhile.

A younger Jonh and his Fearow...Who passed away...D: Which affected Jonh terribly. There's a story behind the lost leg (NO I WASN'T INSPIRED BY THAT MOVIE YOU ARE THINKING OF) but I haven't got the energy to write it. Damn, I sound like a snail. A VERY lazy snail.

Jellyfishes...The creatures that amaze me the most... And which never fails to inspire me...But I want to start a new pic inspired from another kind of jellyfish, so I gave up on this one.

Very quick practice from today. Some things are wrong but I was just focusing on the skintones.

Greyscales for a landscape commission. Not done with them though. I'm giving it details little by little, going to the right. First landscape commission, it's rather fun I must say. Painting landscapes is so relaxing!

And now I'm going to crawl from the chair to the bed.

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