Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sai I love you!

I'm enjoying some pear juice right now. Let me WRITE ALL LOUD how much I ENJOY THAT PEAR JUICE.
My preciousssss deliciousss pear juiccccce.

And while writing that I realized I forgot to prepare one of the pics I wanted to upload...OH WELL!

Let's go!! *Pikachu's Vacation theme* LET'S GO!

Finished the commission!! :) Painting the foreground was a lot of fun!

Schieffer and Cros portraits were made after some idea I had, for a bigger piece, and Demyx for a hair tutorial (because deviantArt people keep asking me that! TAT) Only Cros is finished there, I will probably retouch Schieffer, and Dem's hair aren't finished HOHOHOOO. And I lost motivation for the tutorial...OTL
A big thanks to my friend Falk who helped me to paint Schieffer, as I was stuck with the lighting and some parts of the face.

AND YES. Well it's not super new, I started to use Sai again since I opened that blog, but I'm slowly enjoying it more and more, especially for lineart stuff. That program is a lineart miracle. So I'm practicing them linearts because I really love them. So yeah, a bunch of nobodies, I'm back into my KH mood, it's just so good everytime it happens.

Bla bla bla. The pic of Cros is part of a bigger one I'm working on, where he's with his (redesigned) chess pieces). Unfinished though....

A big excuse to practice folds.

Randomness of this morning. The sunlight was so bright I didn't see the big lack of contrast in this piece. I shall remedy that if I finish the picture.


  1. whaa super cool folds-practice :D i hope you walk long miles with SAI, i didn't really get along with it XD; seems like your vacation is super productive.

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