Thursday, April 22, 2010

Quatre, Cinq, Six!

Some new stuff! I would gladly paint more if I didn't have schoolwork...
Anyway, here we go:

One of my OCs, got bored with this pic. I don' think I'll finish it; the colors look wrong and I want to re-design his armor. And I'm not satisfied with his face. AND.. *shot*.

This one is a month old. I thought I would finish it but meh, other stuff to do.

Recently I started drawing pregnant ladies again. It's very interesting, the breasts + belly curves are so nice to draw/paint. But I guess this pic means I should put a mature content on my blog...
She kinda reminds me of someone, I thought of Evangeline Lilly, but I'm not sure.

The two portraits were done in paintchat a little while ago (still have issues with making Cros look old enough...T_T). And the glowing stag. Not glowing. Out of batteries again. Done in OpenCanvas 1.1.

My nobodies, in their Prideland forms. Yeah I switched Cros from Caracal to lion. Idk.

This is the sketch I did for a pic I'm currently working on. Might take me a little more time than usual to complete...

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