Monday, April 5, 2010

Un, dos, tres, FUEGO!

I'll start with these.
This time there will be no finished paintings, since i haven't finished much lately...

I did like the colors in this one, but i got bored for some reason...

One of the steps for a birthday pic for a friend. It was boring like that so i added a character.

And before the previous one there was this black lady in the metal thing. But i though it was too much so i removed her.

Scolopendras are such fascinating creatures, but one of the three that creep the shit out of me, with those stinky bugs and apes (yes, me no likey apes).

A pic i started on a Livestream session, i thought i'd finish it and gave up...

Trying to design a character that i will (hopefully) model in 3D.

Final design for the previous character, and another one.

Nubudeez....Out of characters, like often...
Well actually i like to have Brag calling Cros Nick haha!


  1. I love to see old pictures from artist, it's fun :D
    The fifth pic looks like Joan of Arc...with a dinosaur

  2. Great pics, I love Cros semi nude giving a chocolate LOL
    You must end the pic of the dinosaur's rider.
    You and the squirrel are cute!